Hindi meaning of betrayed – Complete Details

Hindi meaning of betrayed is given below with example, check it out :-

Betrayed words is used when you get expose (one's country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy or opponent. Hindi meaning of betrayed is given below :-

Hindi meaning of Betrayed




  • धोखा दिया
  • विश्वासघात
  • प्रकट करना


  • Army officers betrayed their country by selling security secrets to other country governments.
  • सेना के अधिकारियों ने अन्य देश सरकारों को सुरक्षा रहस्य बेचकर अपने देश के साथ विश्वासघात किया।

Similar words :-

  • break faith with
  • double-cross
  • turn traitor
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